Latest News
  1. 28 JAN
    For the Love of Lilly
    For the Love of Lilly
    We are proud to announce that for 2016 we will be supporting "For the Love of Lilly" see below tabs for full details.
  2. 12th Apr
    Team colours revealed
    Team colours revealed
    Donated and created by Allen Signs of Lincoln, the team shirts have been finalised.
  1. 23 DEC
    Game Update
    Game Update
    Your homepage should be the first page that visitors to your site see, so make sure you give a concise overview of who you are, what you do and why you are right for them.
  2. 14 Jun
    2016 Event Completed
    2016 Event Completed
    On May 28th 2016 the team completed the latest challenge on cycling London to Paris in 23hrs raising £3532.
  3. 20 JAN
    Breaking news !!
    Breaking news !!
    The 2016 recipient has been selected by Sophie. Full details to be revealed soon . . .
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    Title 4
    Title 4
Our  Aim
The Alfie Fisher Man Challenge is all about combining a passion for physically demanding challenges with an ultimate goal of raising both funds for and awareness of The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and also for one other annually nominated local cause.  
There is currently no cure for Cystic Fibrosis and the funds we raise go towards supporting research into a cure for Cystic Fibrosis and also help to improve the quality of life of those affected by the disease.  
With each Alfie Fisher Man Challenge we also raise funds and awareness on behalf of a different locally nominated person or charity. Previous recipients have been Alfie Fisher and Sophies Smile. Details can be found on our events page.

2016 - For the love of Lilly

This is Lilly, she is 5 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. She is a happy, bright girl, a little ray of sunshine! She has the biggest smile, which lights up any room when she arrives. Her charismatic nature, and wickedly funny sense of humour make her a joy to be around, she draws people to her, and is utterly beautiful, both inside and out. Lilly's physical disabilities mean that she requires sophisticated, expensive equipment and constant support to ensure that even her most basic needs are met.
The most challenging barrier in Lilly's life and the enabling of her independence, is communication, she has no speech, however has cognitive ability, and the complete understanding of a 5 year old. Her inability to express herself is extremely frustrating for her. Lilly recently spoke through an eye gaze communication aid at her school assembly to tell her peers and teachers about her favourite toy. Something like this would undoubtedly change Lilly's life beyond anything her family could imagine.
In 2016 the team raised £3532, half of which was donated to For the Love of Lilly and half to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.
2014 - Sophie's Smile
Sophie Cooper is an 8 year old girl, and she has Cerebral Palsy. Sophie continues to amaze the people around her with the enormous amount of courage, strength and sheer determination that she has through her smile.
Sophie's parents created Sophie's Smile not only to inspire others the way Sophie has inspired them but to be a place of information and support for other families and to educate and raise awareness about disability.
Sophie's Smile is also a platform for fundraising. Sophie currently needs a lot of equipment, vital things that will improve her comfort and her ability to take part in daily tasks. However some equipment can be extremly costly and purchasing items is just impossible without outside help.
In 2014 the team raised £4711.50, half of which was donated to Sophie's Smile and half to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.
2013 - Alfie's Vest
For those who have not met Alfie Fisher, he is an 8 year old boy, and he has Cystic Fibrosis, one of the UK's most common inherited life threatening diseases, affecting over 9,000 people in the UK.
Alfie is a happy, active, intelligent and to all appearances, a normal young boy, but Cystic Fibrosis can often be an invisible disease. The hope is to eventually find a cure.
In 2013, the team raised £3,171, half of which was donated to Alfie and his family to contribute to the cost of buying a specialist physiotherapy vest that will dramatically help Alfie to clear his lungs of the sticky mucus that Cystic Fibrosis causes.